map of central asia

September 26, 2008

Ok these countries will be my focus of exploration.  Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, uzbekistan, azerbaijan(though not central asian but Turkic), Xiangiang(East Turkistan).  Gaining their independence from the Soviets in 90’s, central asian countries have become my interest.  When I first heard azeri or turkmen spoken, I for the first time realized that there were countries outside of Turkey in which languages similar to ours were spoken.  All this time, I thought we were pretty lonely in our geography.   My interest in hearing these dialects grew into learning about the geography, the history and the culture of the region which I will share in my upcoming posts.  I know my blog has almost very little content but I will appreciate your input about areas to explore or subjects.

Now I am off for a cup of tea! or should I say CHAY!